Cool Game for All People: Water Walking Ball

Now the modern technique has made it possible for you to enjoy walking on water with inflatable water ball. Is it just a joke? I am not kidding. It is not a joke at all. This water walking ball has become popular as one cool game for kids.

You may feel you had trapped in an old balloon when you step into the giant and transparent ball. But you will know it is not odd but terrific and outlandish. To the old people, สล็อตออนไลน์ they may remember one old British show called The Prisoner. In it, the bouncing balloons are used as security robots to chase Patrick McGoohan on the beach. Yes, the fun you get from this ball is the same to that you got from this show. You immediately can start your water trip when you have stepped into the giant transparent ball.

Is it easyto walk on water? Of course not. By then it is possible that you may find yourself busy in struggling and flopping. It looks like that you have been one trapped crab on the hook. And the word you would like to shout at that time can be JEEZ!

The first good news for you is that you will not be the only one to feel like a “fish out of water “in such inflatable game. And the other good news for you is that only after a short time you will control this ball well and walk cross the water surface.

Made from the strong and water-proof tarpaulin, the giant ball in about 2 diameter can be blown up with a 400 W air blower. And the shortest time you can enjoy your water trip can be 10 minutes each time. And there are some tough balls which also can be applied to street or beach walking.


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