4 Ways to Save on Your Back to School Shopping

Alas, Online Coding Classes for Kids the end of summer has arrived and the school year is about to start. Say “goodbye” to long summer days and “hello” to busy schedules and homework! Whether your student is full of excitement or anguish about going back, we understand that as a parent, the main thing you see is a big dollar-sign when thinking about that list of back to school supplies. It’s almost inevitable—new clothes and shoes, new backpack, new folders, pens/pencils, calculators, etc—the long list returns every year. And with most households trying to cut back on expenses this year, it’s important to know what opportunities are out there for saving money. Consider the following tips an insider look at the best strategies for saving on this year’s back to school shopping. Whether scouring the clearance rack or finding discount coupons, rozbawieni these guidelines will help you avoid spending too much this year.

1. Stock up through the off-season – Like anything, school supplies are more likely to be on sale anytime other than right before school starts. Prepare early by keeping your eye out for deals on school and office supplies at the beginning of summer. When school is out and students don’t need new school supplies, neither do the stores. Look for supplies on clearance at the beginning of summer. What a perfect opportunity to save money and avoid that last minute rush to get everything the day before school starts! What’s more, gathering the school necessities over the summer break will prevent a huge bill all at once. “But wait, drommabed” you say, “school’s about to start and it’s too late to start gathering from the clearance sales.” Read on.

2. Consider what you already have – Pencils can be sharpened and stickers (that your kids love anyways) are great for covering up old class names or logos on previously used binders still in working condition. Another great idea is to have your soon-to-be students gather all of their school supplies from last year and lay it all out. Since they probably haven’t touched their backpack in months, it is very likely you’ll find folders with fresh paper, a calculator that may just need a battery or two, and lots of usable pens and pencils all kept together in a perfectly usable backpack. Also, be sure to check your ‘junk drawers,’ purses, and cars for pens—it’s amazing where they’ll turn up! Hint: backpacks can be put in the washer, just be sure to hang-dry.

3. Always check for coupons first – Alright, so you’ve done all that you can to gather school supplies from around the house, but your student still needs new clothes and shoes and some school supplies that just didn’t last. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, with so many discount coupons available there is almost no excuse for paying full price for anything. So before you head to your local office supply or clothing retail store, visit a reputable printable coupons site and search for the company or product you plan on purchasing. You will likely find some sort of discount for everything on your list. Just select the coupon, print, and get moving. It’s really simple and completely worth the few minutes it takes to print out. Savvy discount shoppers don’t even leave home before first checking for discount coupons, and you shouldn’t either. Anime
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4. Identify wants vs. needs – Every one of us gets caught up in fads—especially when it comes to the latest technology and clothing styles—and the infatuation with getting new things starts at a very young age. Of course parents always want to give their children the best of everything, but it’s important to be able to say “no” to certain things. When encountering a request that is simply impractical, try to jump on the opportunity as a learning experience. Rather than just saying “no,” provide your student with a reason so that they can learn about budgeting and the difference between wants versus needs. This is especially true when shopping for clothes. Styles change almost daily, so stand firm even if they throw a little fit. It’s pretty likely they’ll soon forget all about whatever it was they wanted and will move on to something else.

One necessity that cannot be ignored, however, are textbooks. Especially if you have a college student, textbooks can run you upwards of $500, with a sell-back return of under 50%. Consider renting textbooks this semester—it can save you hundreds and you won’t have a stack of books in your living room that the school says is “outdated.” Shop around online for these, as many textbook rental sites offer discount coupons as well as free return shipping.

There are many ways to save on back-to-school shopping. You can drive around and hope to find what you need on clearance racks, but this is very time consuming and often unproductive. Always check for printable coupons for everything on your shopping list—you will save money and time by knowing exactly what and where you will purchase the item.


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