During the Times of Adversity

During the times of adversity, Apostille NYC our character is challenged the most. As an outcome, usually only 1 of 2 things will unfold. Either our souls will continue to be vulnerable to the punches that life throws at us. Or we can take notes from Muhammad Ali, the world’s greatest heavyweight fighter, and triumph over all opposition, positioning ourselves as lions in a world of wolves and sheep. Notice that I said heavyweight fighter rather than champion. I believe the term fighter is more appropriate in this context simply because it better represents our existence on this earth. Not literally, but figuratively. In the workplace, businesses fight amongst one another for profit and market share year in and year out. Fight Night Champion PC

In the church, men and women of God fight in the spirit realm daily for deliverance and an opportunity to sit along side The Most High eternally. In hospitals, patients on their death bed are fighting every second of the day for a breath that may be their last. In the boxing ring, athletes fight night after night for the honor and glory that comes from victory. I believe this is why Americans are such big fans of Boxing and Ali’s left behind legacy.

What’s interesting about the legend is his fervent belief to stand by his convictions, even if it brought about adversity. The most memorable illustration of this is when the champion was stripped of his heavyweight title and suspended from boxing due to his unwillingness to participate in the Vietnam War when the US Army called for him. Ali being a devout Muslim was thoroughly against the war. (1967) Dubai Web Design Company

However, the boxer would not allow himself to be a victim of circumstance. 3 years later, a reinstated Ali was set forth on a mission to regain his title, which he accomplished in a 1974 bout with the most dominating fighter at the time, Joe Frazier.

Muhammad Ali undoubtedly ranks among the highest of athletes, but it was his heart that separates him into a category that transcends a mere sports personality. A lesson that we should take from the legend above all is perhaps, the power that comes from equipping ourselves with an unyielding spirit of fight and vigor. During the times of adversity this will be our biggest asset and the only way for us to be victorious in a society of competition and cut-throat motives.

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People are great for a reason. If we will approach life’s battles from the model of Ali and the other great men and women who were pillars in the building of this great nation, many of us will become like builders creating Victorian style homes to pass on to future generations. It is our responsibility to see to it that urban cities like Detroit continually evolve as great metropolitans and are regarded with grace and not contempt, fear, or dismissed all together. Leaders please stand up!


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