On the Wings of Your Imagination

Recently, one of my career coaching clients, let’s call her Nina (not her real name), oros.store came to her coaching call feeling discouraged. She had run into a seemingly insurmountable barrier since our last conversation.

At the end of her last coaching session she had committed to contact several individuals for informational interviews to explore a professional field she felt drawn to. In previous coaching sessions, she had reached clarity that her innate strengths would serve her well in this field. She was excited about the possibility of starting her new career. Now she wanted gain further insights into what it was like to work in this career, by talking to professionals.

Nina was excited to initiate the informational interviews. However, every time she decided to make a call or send an e-mail, she felt as if she was hitting an invisible wall that wouldn’t allow her to follow through. She felt very discouraged by this seemingly insurmountable barrier. skywings

During our coaching conversation, I invited Nina to become curious about the wall she dreaded so much. As she explored it further, she noticed that this slick glass wall had Star Trek qualities. When she tried to push her way through the wall, it didn’t shatter, but actually pushed her back with force. I asked her to pay attention to her thoughts as she tried pushing through the wall. She noticed that her doubts showed up with slogans such as “Who do you think you are?” and “What makes you think you could possibly make a career in this line of work?”

We quickly established that the wall represented all her doubts and fears, making it seemingly impossible to move through. However, interestingly enough she had actually called a few people throughout the week and even received some positive responses, despite the Star Trek wall. affluentwords

I asked Nina what enabled her to make these calls, given that “the wall” was pushing her back so fiercely. She recognized that each time she made a call she had to imagine herself on the other side of the wall. I congratulated her on finding a way to the other side of the wall on the wings of her imagination and suggested we fly there together during this coaching conversation.

Nina described the other side as an open field with blue skies and sunshine. She noticed that she breathed deeper and felt stronger on the other side of the wall of doubts. Making calls or doing anything else that would lead her closer to her new career goal was possible and even exciting on this side of the wall.

Nina could see lots of paths and knew deeply within that the right path for her was in this open field. She recognized the power of her imagination to transport her to the other side.

“But how do I know this is real and I am not just making it up?” asked Nina.

I reminded Nina that everything that surrounds us was born in someone’s imagination. The phone she was talking into was created because someone imagined it first; the chair she was sitting on was also the product of someone’s imagination. BloglineBlogline

That made a lot of sense to Nina, however she was still having doubts about her ability to stay connected with her imagination. I encouraged her to begin by visiting this place more often, to make it a habit to visit the open field in her imagination several times a day. Nina decided to use her little note pad as a reminder. She had been carrying it around with her, since she had decided to make a significant career change. It was there for her to capture ideas and a symbol of her new path. Looking at her notepad reminded her to visit the place in her imagination and move swiftly beyond the wall.

Since this recent call, Nina has conducted many informational interviews, written a business plan, decided on a business name. She is now eager to launch her business in September.


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