Pittsburgh Airport Parking – Off-Site Lots to Leave Your Car When Flying

When you fly out of Pittsburgh airport, you have options for parking that include short-term, long-term and economy parking at the airport. There are also off-site parking lots designed for travellers that wish to use a facility a bit further from the airport but less expensive.

If you are only going to be there for less than a day to a couple of days, short-term parking may be for you. It is great for either picking up people from the airport or simply dropping them off for their flight. It will usually cost you around 3 bucks per hour after the initial one dollar hour. They can only charge you seventeen dollars for the whole day so there is a cap.¬† Figure out how long you’ll be away to determine which lot makes the most sense.

Parking in the long-term section is going to cost you a buck fifty an hour (but never more than nine dollars and fifty cents a day). There are nearly two thousand three hundred places to park here. This type of parking is the best for those who are going to be gone for several days or longer. There is also a free bus that goes between the parking areas and the terminal to enable you to get around.

Short Term and Long Term Places To Park Off the Airport:

At 1434 Beers School Road of Moon Township there is Globe Airport Parking It costs around $6.50 a day and around $38.50 per week you keep your car there. There is also a coupon on their site to lower the price to $4.95 for each day. If you have Triple A car service or you are a senior you can get even cheaper prices. pittsburgh seo company

At 701 Flaugherty Run Road of Coraopolis there is Parking Corporation of America. It is actually a nice indoor parking garage. Their rates are a little different, approximately $7.95 for a single day. It can also be $4.50 a day if you are there longer than 7 days. They have a website coupon as well lowering individual days to $6.25. This company also will match other discounts from other companies if you take some time to dig them up.

An option you may not have thought about¬† would be parking at some of the hotels near the airports. There are a lot of hotels that will allow you to keep your car there for free if you stay with them the night before your flight for no charge whatsoever. You’ll also be getting a shuttle to the airport that way.


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