Stacking Blocks For Toddlers

It is very true that stacking blocks for toddlers are considered to be old school and out of style. However that is far from the facts, just take a look in millions of homes around the world. As a matter of fact toy blocks are as popular as ever. They may not be as fancy as today’s video games, electronic toys and computers, but they have definitely stood the test of time.

What many average people fail to realize is how important toy blocks are to child development. There are a few things that these age old toys can help your child develop. They can help develop:

1 – spatial skills
2 – social skills
3 – motor skills and hand-eye coordination
4 – language skills
5 – creative problem-solving skills

Toy blocks are excellent in helping your child learn the necessary physical and mental skills that will help him or her through out their lives. Kids love to play and pretend at the same time and playing with wooden blocks can also help in math skills. stacking blocks

Here are a few ways that your child can get the most out of playing with toy blocks.

Play with your child as much as possible – Statistics show that children gain much more from block play, and have much more fun when someone demonstrates how to build with them.

Test your child with a specific building task – When you get a new set of building blocks give your child a type of structure to build. You can look on the packaging and have your child attempt to build the advertisement.

Encourage make believe play with character toys and other accessories – Make believe play stimulates creative play in children and also helps in language skills. With the giving of blocks, cars and action figures kids could imagine any real life or fictional scenario, and emulate it. This included building houses, and pretend characters interacting.

Interact and talk with your child while you play with them – Increase the fun of block-play by telling your children how you use to play with blocks when you were little. Tell them where wooden blocks originated from, and watch how focused their attention will be.

Children should build together – When children build together they are guaranteed to develop better social skills.

Video games for the last 30 or so years have captivated kids and adults alike, with little benefit to mental and physical development. However stacking blocks for toddlers have played a key role in the education, and mental stimulation of children all over the world. Besides being educational and fun wooden toy blocks have proven to be more durable than any fancy eye catching toy.


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