West Africa to Fight Cybercrime – Online Computer Training Can Create IT Security Awareness

Countries across the world are recognizing the threats posed by cybercrime. The fight against cybercrime requires a cohesive and coordinated approach. The all-pervasive nature of cybercrime necessitates collaboration among the various counter crime agencies. Varied definitions and lack of common laws on cybercrime are some of the major hurdles in the fight against cybercrime. Over the recent years, West African countries have been the breeding ground for cybercriminals. Poverty and underdevelopment are the major causes for growth of cybercrime in the region. Recognizing the importance of a united fight against cybercrime, the countries have agreed to work together during the recently concluded West Africa Cybercrime Summit. Delegates at the summit emphasized on the need for a robust cyber security framework.

Counter crime agencies require support in the form of strong legal framework, which penalize cybercrime. West African nations also require a strong base of cyber security experts with expertise in system administration, network administration, penetration testing, security audit, rpl forensic investigation, information security and software development to deal with the future challenges of cybercrime. Cyber-attacks have increased in sophistication and frequency. Individuals, business organizations and government bodies are all affected by cyber-attacks. Cybercrime also poses threat to the national security. Military and Intelligence departments of leading countries are encouraging security certifications such as certified ethical hacker training among their staff to improve their capabilities.

Countries of the region can learn from the experience of developed and developing countries in devising computer education programs. Initiatives such as online computer training programs may help the West African countries in creating awareness on cyber security issues among the people and create resistance against Internet fraud. Schools and Universities of the region may also share faculty resources and explore possibilities of collaboration to improve cyber education.


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