What Do Hamster Eat to Stay Healthy?

What do hamsters eat? – Part 1 – The Basics

The basic components of a hamster’s diet are seeds and grains. In the wild, these are the parts of the plant that would be left after the sun and the wind have caused the green parts of the plant to shrivel and die. For hamsters kept in captivity, cruise booking choosing a mixture that is made by a reputable manufacturer is your best starting point. Some hamsteries make their own amalgamations; don’t try this at home unless you first plan on becoming an expert on hamster nutritional requirements.

What do hamsters eat? – Part 2 – Hamster-Specific Formulations

There are a multitude of seed and grain mixtures available for sale. It is important that you select from those that are specifically formulated for hamsters. Some people may think that all seed and grain blends are equivalent. They are not, agenzia web marketing roma and hamsters require more protein than other animals. In addition, Vitamin E deficiency can cause birth defects.

What do hamsters eat? – Part 3 – Supplements

Hamsters cannot speak, but by their actions, ageniza comunicazione bologna they seem as if they truly enjoy eating vegetables, fruits, sunflower seeds, and live protein sources as part of their diets. Feeding your hamster vegetables – just small uncooked pieces – should be an every other day event.

Treats of fresh fruit should occur no more often than twice a week. In addition, verified members la fruits – especially apples – can be used as a source of water for your pet when it is in its travel cage and having a water bottle would be impractical.

Sunflower seeds should be given sparingly. These make good rewards for your pet as positive behaviour reinforcement.

Your hamster has a special preference for live protein. Once or twice a week, cake labs you can feed it meal worms or crickets. Most people hold the meal worm with tweezers, as the hamsters are often so enthusiastic about consuming them that they might also begin to try to eat your fingers if that was how the meal worm was being held. Crickets can be let loose in the cage. You can then enjoy your hamster’s acrobatics routine as it works to catch these. Yum!

What do hamsters eat? – Part 4 – Lab blocks

Lab blocks are hard food chunks that are made specifically to feed to laboratory hamsters. Purina is one of the major manufacturers. These are formulated so that the nutrient content is constant from batch to batch. Besides providing a complete source of nutrition, the lab blocks are very hard. This gives the hamster something suitable to gnaw on to keep its teeth trimmed. It is recommended that you put a lab block in the cage every so often to let the hamster chew on it.

What do hamsters not eat? РPart 5 РCautions

Never feed your pet acidic foods. This includes any fruit from the citrus family and anything that contains significant amounts of vinegar or lemon juice.

Never feed your animal “processed” human foods. Hamsters eat raw foods, with very few exceptions. (You can serve it cooked protein.) Don’t feed it anything that is packaged and labeled with more than 2 or 3 ingredients. Chocolates, biscuits, cookies, cakes, and candies are all on the list of forbidden foods. Also, you don’t need to purchase any “hamster treats” with cute sounding names. Stick to food that you could eat yourself.


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