Garden Workshop – A Man Space You Can Build Yourself

George Clooney has a “Man Space” and so does Brad Pitt. Men all over the world are finding their own little space in their homes and making it their own. These men testify that their relationships are better for having a space they can retrieve to when they need a little time to themselves. nahls

Having a garden workshop is the ideal “Man Space” and some of the most justifiable reasons for having one are:

1. Needing an office space to work in without the kids interrupting
2. Taking up that electric guitar / drum hobby again without causing divorce.
3. A woodworking workshop where you can be as messy as you want.
4. A pool/poker room where the men can play games and make noise.

The easiest way to have a “man space” without spending a fortune is to build it yourself. This is both easy and cost effective. Messipoker

Step 1. Get your friends on board.

Many hands make light work. Having a small work-force to help you build will ensure that it is up and ready in no time at all.

Step 2. Find the right plans.

This is the most important step and should not be overlooked. There are a variety of excellent plans available online and finding the right shape, design and ease of build is vital. preferablepups


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