How to Sell on eBay – Small Business Primer for Getting Online Sales Started Fast with eBay

To sell successfully on eBay… any business or person should establish themselves as a trusted merchant. Once an image of trust is formed you can use your eBay listings as a tool to promote your business and your products at the same time to the entire world at a very low cost.

Graphics and content usually command the buyers attention online. But as in any business, primers for sale everything starts with customer service. All the pretty graphics and fancy descriptions in the world will not maintain and grow your business if your do not follow the rules and deliver the products. If you and/or your business do not know the basics of eBay selling, it will be very difficult to maintain an image of an established and reputable online merchant. Learning the basics is where everything starts in this world. Online or not, you must know the ropes to succeed.

The following primer is intended as a quick start guide for listing a single item on eBay using the free and easy tools eBay provides to the average eBay seller. Obviously the goal is to become an above average eBay seller… To do so, your business will require more advanced tools available through eBay solutions providers.

First things first though… It is a great idea to simply jump in and try eBay selling for yourself. If you have an eBay account already in your name, but have never sold before… Go ahead and set up a seller account with your established eBay name, or create a new one, dried sea cucumber for sale and use this “personal” account to learn about the necessary steps for eBay selling. This is a good way to research eBay as a sales tool for your business or company. Doing so will give you a hands on idea about how eBay works.

eBay is an unmatched resource for any business in many ways beyond simply selling product. It all must start with the simple act of selling one item however –

Let’s get started!

Registering as a seller

Before you start, you’ll need to make sure you are registered with eBay. Registering is a very easy and painless process.

Simply click on the “Register” tab at the top of the homepage and follow the instructions. To minimize fraud and protect buyers, you’re required to provide a credit or debit card to verify your identity. Make sure you also sign up for a PayPal account at the same time if you do not already have one.

PayPal is the easiest way to accept payments on eBay and even though some sellers qualify for better rates elsewhere, it is always advantageous to your business to at least accept PayPal payments even if you prefer to use your own credit card processing.

Writing a listing

Writing and eBay description can be as simple or as difficult as you want to make it. Always try to keep in mind that you are providing a description of your product for a BUYER. Write about the benefits of your product not just the specifications. Sell the sizzle and be honest. Buyers respond to honesty, adderall for sale especially with used items. Show the flaws, tell the honest and forthright truth about your merchandise. Writing an eBay listing doesn’t always look straightforward to beginners. Keeping a few simple rules in mind will help.

Take your time: set aside an hour to get the listing right. You’ll get quicker with experience. Once you launch a listing it could get a bid right away, when a listing has a bid eBay will not allow any revisions to the original text. Spell check and get it right from the start!

Make it easy: List a product you are familiar with. If you carry a particular best seller in your retail store or business, list that item first.

Think Keywords! Buyers find your listing from the title you place online. Proper Keywords increase sales!

The anatomy of a listing

An eBay listing requires information about the item, you enter this information into the “Sell your item” form…

Using the eBay “sell your item” form will introduce you to all of the necessary steps required to list a single item on eBay. When you have mastered this method of getting product online via eBay you may be interested in third party applications which make this process much easier and repeatable. For now, cash77 lets look at the basics…

eBay helps you build your listing or auction for you step by step, from assigning categories to setting the price. Click on “Sell” to get the “Sell your item” form.

Category: you need to list your item in one of the 13,000 categories of goods listed on eBay, from musical instruments to concert tickets. Choosing the right category helps buyers find you. It can be difficult to choose the best categories for some items, but eBay’s category selector in the “Sell your item” form can help. You can list your item in two categories if you like, but the cost of listing the item you wish to sell will double.


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