Gold Bullion Money Making Success System – Micro Gold Bullion Personal Bank Creation

In pursuit of gold bullion to end the rat race of debt and income bondage; banks and other financial interest have all figured out that if these businesses and financial, peperocc institutions could systematically increase the number and amounts of fees associated with banking in general for all accounts; this include personal and business accounts which were all changed several years ago to include a series of new bank fees, in essence would make traditional banking less desirable in the short and long term for account holders in a number of ways.

Example banks realized that the new fees created and applied to all accounts had proven to be so profitable for banks; that they decided to increase these fees, voteherd threefold to insure a strong windfall of profits regardless of how the economy was fairing, now take the overdraft fees that all banks have now implemented nationwide, if your account is overdrawn {meaning you have spent more than what was in your account} even if it’s only 3cents would cost you a whopping $30 to $38 in overdraft fees concurrently.

These changes also include non FDIC securing money market accounts, wire transfer fees and regulated amounts which can be sent, checking s account new fees, origaniz check writing new fees, non account use fees, excessive account use fees, ATM additional fees, bank teller fees plus a litany of other creative fees including the removal of all free accounts which include personal and business accounts, procedures and policies that only a bank can conceive all at the expense of account holders.

And to make matters worse, bank policy forbid bank tellers or bankers from reimbursing account holders overdraft fees even if the account holder is a preferred client, afrihand this set of new rules only serves to further enrich banks and their stock holders which in my opinion is not sustainable in the medium and long term in terms of new account openings by the public.

Where does gold bullion fit in this financially altered environment, well as of 1-1-2011 some banks will begin excepting gold bullion as collateral, how much gold bullion will these banks except as collateral will be determined by economic conditions and prevailing financial realities as it relates to the real economy, as gold and silver bullion are expected to rise exponentially over the next two years thus increasing its global value beyond spot market pricing.

The Gold Bullion Micro Bank:

Little is known about the currency world before banking was introduced as a solution for uniform transactions in commerce and labor, however under such conditions which exist today begs for a viable alternative to banks, an alternative which must have at its core, every potential to rival traditional banking as it were.

This system can be called Gold Bullion Micro Banking for the do it yourself proactive remedy to bank usury, now let’s look at some of the viable aspects of what makes the Gold Bullion Micro bank necessary today:

a. The micro gold bullion bank as its source of capitalization should or could be gold and silver bullion equaling 60% assets, with paper currency equaling, highdean at least 30% of the micro bank with the remaining 5% being world currencies of low inflation or debt and the other 5% being services provided from consulting to cross referred services etc between the bank and its clientele.

b. The micro gold bullion bank may be formed by an individual or as a collective endeavor of non traditional banking function {this bank is not by any means a traditional bank but a depository of mutual and viable commerce between parties}taking into consideration the environment in which business is transacted as well as a clear understanding of the needs of your respective clientele.

c. To make this enterprise sound and viable will require that the entrepreneur become a precious metals enterpriser for many obvious reasons, one being that gold and silver bullion can be acquired directly from the source {meaning the cottage industry miners from around the world}making your cost highly competitive and profitable in the early stages of the gold bullion micro bank, which makes it much easier to service your clients

d. Acquiring clients is the easy part, start with businesses that are operational, has cash flow and operate on sound business fundamentals, with regard to individuals you may require collateral of value three times the value or even provide specific skilled clients with the option of trading their skills to cross clients and work off their loan amount through such creative and equitable methods well designed to meet everyone’s needs sustainably, of course the details of how this micro gold bullion bank should function is beyond the limits of this article however resources are listed below the end of the article.

Currently traditional banking for the elite isn’t plagued with the new banking rules created for the public as a permanent system of banking mechanisms, but has the benefit of a very different banking environment similar to the freedoms of which a micro gold bullion bank is designed to offer on a small scale to all involved.

Example, wealthy families such as the Oppenheimer’s or Schoolchild’s institutions require an account of $10.000.000 up to $ to enjoy the privy of privacy as well as a litany of benefits and opportunities to earn substantial earnings from such an association certainly unavailable to the masses except for the implementation of a micro gold bullion bank.

The micro gold bullion bank mechanism serves as a true and sustainable structure which through its primary use can ultimately do away with traditional banking as a viable and beyond alternative source of wealth formation for both the entrepreneur and the communities of choice.

Example number two, what are banks actually offering of value? CD’s {certificates of deposit} that pay 1.0% interest per year which is about standard for all services which they provide in terms of accounts, or is it checks that take 72 hours or longer to clear, the reason being is that the banks make money from those checks which often take days even weeks to clear depending upon the amount and where the check originates from.


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