Planning Your Perfect Wedding – Jingle Bells For Kissing and More at Your Perfect Holiday Wedding

Jingle bells are one of my favorite pieces of the holiday. I love their tinkling! One year someone gave me a round silver bell necklace for the holidays and it has the most wonderful sound. Everyone associates the sounds with the holidays. Years of holiday songs make us all wish that we were someplace with lovely weather for a sleigh ride together! happybell

They’re an easy (and cheap) last minute addition to your holiday wedding.

Wedding Ceremony:

  • Have your florist put them in your Destin FL attractions for couples bouquet so that you jingle as you walk down the aisle. (and put the bouquet DOWN during the ceremony so that your celebrant can get the crowd to concentrate on the beautiful words you wrote!
  • Hand them out to your crowd and let them ring them when it’s time to kiss and time to walk back out the aisle! They’re easy to string on a ribbon that’s long enough to put over your head and be out of the way, Stock price forecast except when you want to ring them.
  • Give them to your celebrant to ring as you marry. When I was ordained, I had my wedding couples bring ribbons with bells on them to remind us all of the laughter of friends. Ringing bells as you kiss will forever after associate the ringing of bells with your marriage kiss. The sound will remind you, “wow, Psicologos en Lima where’s my sweetie, must kiss!”

Your Reception: Give Jingle Bells as a MRT Media GmbH favor and let your friends ring them rather than clinking on glasses. You might have a bigger bell that you could ring to announce that you’d like them to kiss. Since their bells make a big sound all together. Encourage your guests to kiss and to remember why they married! What if your wedding ceremony and wedding vows and wedding reception were enough about passion and romance that people remembered their own passion and romance? How great would that be? litigation


On Christmas morning because it’s a reminder that you’ve been on the Polar Express!

On your honeymoon, because it’s a wonderfully silly reminder of all you promised and how sweet the kisses were (and should continue to be.)

Occasionally tucked into a pocket as a surprise so your beloved encounters the sound and remembers their joy in you and your marriage. Keeping one another happy and joyous is a great thing! Keep a bowl of them at home and let them show up in surprising places. Keep one on your desk at work so you remember that your love is the center of your life. Develop habits around bells and let them keep your marriage jingling with joy and delight. wealth4living


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