Types of Leather Used to Make Biker Apparel

COWHIDE: Cowhide is the natural product of the food industry from cattle. It ensures that less of an animal is wasted post-slaughter. Cowhide is one of the toughest types of hides. It is used to make motorcycle leather jackets, leather vests, forbes leather chaps and motorcycle tool bags. Cowhide will give you protection from weather elements. It will also help to prevent some skin abrasion in case of an accident.

BUFFALO HIDE: Buffalo hide is used for a wide variety of products. Buffalo leather “grain” is more pronounced than cowhide. It is a natural material that breathes, a lot like our skin. When cowhide and buffalo hide are split to the same thickness and they have been processed and tanned the same way, osr there is no difference in strength and durability. Buffalo hide is also used for motorcycle leather apparel and accessories.

If you are getting a leather motorcycle jacket and want the toughest type of hide, both will give you equal protection. Some say that buffalo leather is a bit softer than cowhide, chuguiv but there is very little difference to them as far as stiffness and softness goes.

SPLIT COWHIDE LEATHER: Split cowhide comes from the underlying layer of a cow’s skin. By running the wet hide through a splitter, the tanner yields two or more “splits” of leather, dani-info depending on initial thickness of the hide. Look for split cowhide leather in leather wallets and ladies western handbags.

SUEDE LEATHER: yve.ro Suede results from splits that have been sanded to produce a velvet-like texture. Many ladies western style handbags are made from suede leather.

NAKED LEATHER: Naked leather is popular for making trousers, leather motorcycle gloves, leather motorcycle chaps and other riding leather apparel for motorcycle riders. It is smooth on one side and rough and nappy on the other. Naked leather has usually been immersed in aniline, Original Wild wasp supplier Indonesia a chemical that keeps the surface porous, allowing the leather to “breathe”. This makes it more comfortable in both cold and hot weather.

FULL AND SEMI-ANILINE LEATHER: Full-aniline leather is the most expensive leather because only the best cowhide is used. It is naturally porous so absorbs spilled liquids.

LAMBSKIN: Lambskin is a very soft, luxurious leather. Its natural lightweight layers give it a distinctive, velvety touch, which is good for leather motorcycle jackets and ladies leather tops and leather shorts. Do not let its delicate texture discourage you. With a little extra care, wealth lambskin is very wearable and the ultimate luxury.


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